Case Management

Case Management involves creating, managing and monitoring a client’s set recovery plan & compliance with that plan.   Each individual who embarks on the recovery journey will face many difficult decisions that impact recovery.  Odds are against clients in recovery without a plan & support and very much in favor of those with a plan that includes clear consequences for choices & supportive compliance monitoring.   Our Certified Case Managers will identify actions & choices that are in harmony with & encourage a client’s recovery, work with a client to implement those actions & choices on an ongoing basis.  They will also identify & define behaviors that fall out of line with what it looks like to be “in recovery”, and get in front of these behaviors to have an opportunity to illustrate and redirect a client.

Hard to realize

Often our ingrained behaviors in an active addiction become the norm, and a client cannot properly recognize & prevent their own relapse behaviors without guidance. Even our family and friends have become so accustomed to our addictive ways, the smallest and seemly non consequential acting out may not even be detected. Certainly these small “relapses in thinking”, are usually leading very quickly back into a landslide of old behaviors, and potentially a relapse.   Sober Companions helps here.

Having a Certified Sober Companions Case Manager takes the “job” of identifying these behaviors away from family & friends and hands it over to a qualified individual & supportive team who can not only identify them, but who has the ability to confront and discuss in a non-judgmental & non-confrontational way. We point out, as needed, what we are seeing as a relapse in the making by returning to old ways of thinking and acting.


Case Management also includes random testing to “scientifically” provide proof of compliance with an abstinence program should there be a need for something proof positive. There are many ways to test these days, and we know urine can sometimes be manipulated, so for those cases that require 100% proof, we can provide blood or hair testing as well. These tests are impossible to manipulate & the results can not be questioned or contested.

With any recovery journey, we know that a relapse will always be preceded with a detection of certain behaviors. Our job at Sober Companions is to identify these behaviors to avoid a physical relapse back into active use. If a physical relapse does occur, we are right there to intervene immediately to prevent further damage caused by a long term relapse.

Sober Companions shoulders the burdensome worry & stress so client’s friends & families are confident & comfortable in the knowing that their loved one has a team of professionals trained to identify & redirect relapse behaviors & helps them return to & realize their full potential.  Real life insurance for the living.


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