Dedication and Commitment

Sober Companions are dedicated to empowering a client’s life & recovery process.  Our clients enjoy exclusive access to our guidance & recommendations in their recovery journey as long as they stay in active recovery — for up to ten years.   In addition, A Sober Companion will personally deliver a client’s 5-year recovery coin to the client during their anniversary month.    This comittment is born in part of our belief that long-term sobriety is a lifetime process and that our care as brothers & sisters in recovery extends beyond the successful completion of & charges for our professional, individualized services.

You and your loved ones can create a life lived in love, prosperity, health & service – and we’ll be there, beyond business, to help you light the way to your own well being.

“You will rise by lifting others.”

Robert G. Ingersoll – Orator, Attorney, Politician