What is an intervention?  There are many different perceptions of what an intervention is, but quite simply, an effective intervention brings together a professional & a client’s loved one & is designed to alter & hinder certain actions or developments & to promote a healthy awareness within the individual undergoing “intervention.”

Addiction Intervention is an organic process & an art form that takes training, experience & skill to successfully adapt the intervention to each client.  Interventions are planned carefully with attention to confidentiality & cooperative outcome of utmost importance.  Our Interventionists are trained on two distinct models, with experience that allows them to customize interventions “on the fly.”

The Johnson Model is the most frequently used intervention methodology & recognized due to its implementation on a popular TV show. This is basically a “surprise” confrontation by family and friends, led by a board certified Interventionist. The family (and friends) are educated and prepared by the Interventionist to directly confront the sufferer with addictive and dangerous behaviors. The process can take from one to many days, and consequences are put in place immediately if the requests for getting help are not met.

Arise  Model – This is the less known and less used style. This is what’s known as an “invitational” intervention. In the Johnson model, the sufferer is invited to the intervention under false pretenses, and the intervention is a surprise. With the Arise model, the sufferer is openly invited to attend the meeting that surrounds the family and friends concern for their wellbeing. With the invitational model, consequences are not normally used, but empowerment of the family to make different choices for themselves.

At Sober Companions, we match & tailor the interventionists and the models with the clients & their families.  Our interventionists are trained in both models, and can even adapt a modification of both styles depending on the individual case. We will, based on the most effective standards, qualify the information we have gathered, and make a determination of what method (or combination of both or more custom crafted intervention) will get the best outcome for the client and the family.


The motto of Sober Companions Board Registered Interventionists is DO NO HARM. We are very careful and cautious in our case evaluations (consultations) and always base the recommended treatment on the safest & most efficient method to produce the most desired outcome.

Our interventionists are trained to also act quickly and put safety first, for the sufferer and the family. Under no circumstances will we ever put anyone in danger, or leave a situation without proper resolution. The process is very organic and can change quickly as we move through the intervention. Every intervention at Sober Companions is planned by a team who influences important decisions throughout the intervention and/or companion process.  9/10 interventions result in the client agreeing to the recovery & lifestyle plan.   Sober Companion interventions increase the odds that a client will agree to a recovery plan, & Sober Companion services increase the odds that they will stay on that plan.  The bottom line, Sober Companions help each client not only save their own life, but live it to the fullest.


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